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Welkome to The Insane Asylum of ETA KraXI Nupes

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Eta Xi Lineage

The Achieving Never Stops


9 Midnight Wanderers (Fall 74)


 Robert Hurel

 Adrian Anderson

 Wayne Claxton

 Lawrence Dillard

 Robert Gillard

 John Lanier

 Willie Mumford

 Marvin Robertson

 Haywood Johnson


 The Choice Three (Fall 75)


 Raymon Murchison

 Frank Goodman

 Larry Greene


Casual Four (Spring 77)


Jerry Batten

Michael Milbourn

Kevern Minifee

George Williams


Four Most Wanted (Fall 78) 


Kenneth D Blowe

Harold C Dickens

Keith W Brown

Theodore Jones


Spring 79        


Calvin Medley

E. Franklin Dudley


Nine Of A Kind (Spring 80)


Clarence Grimes

Barry Faulks

Alvin Williams

Charlie Ricks

Tyronne Burrell

Terence Battle

Furman Glover

Richard Smith

Mike Parker


Spring 1981            


Derrick Pulliam

Charles Wilson

Chris Eure

Michael Edwards

Anthony Adams

David Hudson

Leon Johnson

Lee Hall

James Skinner

Rodney Sutton

Charles Richardson

James Lee


Stock Exchange (Spring 1984)


Bryant Anderson

Robert Hayes

Carl Granderson

Lee Spurlock

Edward Mccoy

Robert Washington


Double Trouble (Spring 85)


John Drakeford

Jose Belardo


Second To None (Spring 87)


Eric Williams (Solo)


Operation Kappa Storm

(Spring 91)


Garland Williams

Chris Wright

Keith Hendricks

Joseph M. Wright

Brad Mackey

Chris Beckwith

Curtis Blair

Mequell Green

Anthony Farrar

Maurice Pritchett

Jason Bonardi



Life After Death (Spring 97)


Ronnie Cobb

Dexter Richardson

Baron Payne

Ivan Thomas

Julian Carter

Jeff Wilson

Robert Hill


Survival Of The Fittest (Spring 98)


Roy Carter

Kevin Malette

Derrick Venable


Hollywood’s P.H.I.N.E.S.T.

(Spring 99)


Frederick Merritt

Alexander Brown

Garfield Cross

Calvin Johnson


La Kostra Nostra (Spring 01)


Gary Spriggs

Christopher Speight

Shabazz Wilson

Darin Thompson

Kasualties Of War (Spring 02)


Keith Brown Jr.

Audrian Banks

Jackson Steepleton


March Madness A.K.A The Final Four (Spring 03)


Ronnie Brown

James Crooks

Terrell Matthews

Franklin Holmes

Micah Womack (U Of R)

Cornelius Smith (U Of R)


Dead Man Walking (Spring 04)


Terry Burston

Streetz Is Watkhin (Fall 04)


Tremell Jeffries

Tristan Lipscomb

Charles Selom Quist


The Phinal Konflikt (Spring 05)



Kevin Williams

Courtney Coles

Jason Kissoon

Keylon Mayo

Anthony Toles

Vann Christian

Kendal Fisher

Sam Jamison

Kappa is Hard
Kappa is Fair
But Kappa is not for Everyone